A new member of the Employers' Council of the University of Logistics


We are proud to announce that Geis PL has become a new member of the Employers' Council of the Poznan School of Logistics (WSL).

The WSL cooperates with leading companies in the TSL industry, which are actively involved in the didactic process and open the door to a professional career for students. The more we are honored that we could join this distinguished group.

We have been working with the Poznan School of Logistics for a long time. We understand each other very well and we have a common vision of education and the development of young people. We work together as part of dual studies: students of this university visit our branches, carry out internships / apprenticeships with us or obtain practical knowledge directly from our employees. Geis PL is also happy to visit the walls of this university and supports all didactic initiatives undertaken by this institution.

The WSL educates interdisciplinary and professional logistics, opens the way for students to a professional career, and contributes to the development of management sciences in the field of logistics. These goals are assigned to the implementation of innovative curricula and scientific research.

We are glad that we will be able to expand the fields of our cooperation on the Education-Business line with even greater power.


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