The situation related to the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic is dynamic, which is why we have made a number of efforts to secure the continuity of logistics activities and safety of our employees and clients. We strive to make all our services run smoothly, as well as with maximum safety for all participants in the supply chain.


  1. Security measures to be applied at the stage of domestic deliveries  (20.03.2020)
  2. Information for Geis PL customers  (28.10.2020)
  3. Preventive measures of Geis PL in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19) incidence in Poland (12.03.2020)
  • The Geis PL Coronavirus SARS CoV-2 Team was established in Geis PL. Its task is to constantly monitor, develop and implement adequate recommendations and measures and to inform both our employees and clients of Geis PL about current guidelines of state services and WHO.

    To learn more, we encourage you to check our important updates.

  • Shipments are transported according to existing rules. We make every effort to ensure that the quality and availability of the website is still at the highest level. Our domestic groupage network is currently delivering all shipments in standard mode. Due to the dynamically changing situation, delays may occur.

    We ask all customers to verify the situation with their recipients before dispatch. At the same time, we would like to inform you that shipments which, due to restrictions beyond our control, cannot be delivered, will be sent back to the sender at their expense. We encourage you to limit shipments with the cash collection service (COD).

    We have introduced the following safety measures to be applied at the stage of domestic deliveries:

    • Delivery drivers are protected by face masks and gloves. Shipment delivery process should take place in a spacious place. During delivery, the driver maintains greatest possible distance from the recipient - minimum of 2 m.
    • The recipient of the shipment is also required to protect their face by using a face mask or, as a last resort, a scarf, i.e. a scarf covering the mouth and nose.
    • Confirmation of delivery is made by signature on the waybill. The client must have their own stationery (e.g. pen).
    • The handing over of documents must be done in a safe manner by leaving the documents in the right place. Under no circumstances "from hand to hand".
    • In the case of delivery to a person under sanitary and epidemiological quarantine, the delivery attempt will not be made.

    You can find more information on security measures here.

  • Our operational network works unchanged, and the transport of goods is carried out according to the current rules. The international service operates according to the standard schedule of connections to all countries in Europe. The situation at the European border crossing points is standard and the waiting times correspond to normal traffic. We encourage you to read the announcements posted on the following pages: and

    In addition, we would like to ask for the current verification of the market situation of the exporting country, especially with recipients, and for sending parcels only to working recipients and ready to accept goods. For any remaining doubts, please contact your guardians.

  • Our Air + Sea Team works continuously and makes every effort to ensure that goods reach their customers on time. Shipments by sea are carried out without major delays, although space availability on ships is limited and we recommend that customers book their space well in advance.
    For last minute shipments, we offer customers premium services that allow you to maintain supply chain continuity.
    Air freight transport is now a real challenge. The suspension of passenger flights from and to Poland has significantly reduced the availability of space for air cargo. In order to meet these restrictions, we currently transport air shipments using RFS (road feeder service) to other European airports. Thanks to cooperation with our aviation offices in other EU countries, shipments reach the farthest ends of the world without unnecessary delays.
    For super-urgent shipments, we offer charter flights as well as part-charter option. For more information, please contact our offices in Warsaw and Wroclaw.