Education and business closer and closer

The modern labor market is subject to numerous changes, which undoubtedly constitute a challenge for companies from the TFL industry, forced to seek sources of their competitive advantage, primarily in well-educated, experienced and loyal staff.

Employers have recently faced serious challenges, which are influenced, among others, by persistent low unemployment and high staff turnover. In these conditions, effective and efficient recruitment of employees is becoming increasingly important. In view of such a situation on the labor market, employers very often start to ask themselves the question - should they buy competences as before or educate young staff for their needs? What will be more effective? In highly developed economies, companies take the initiative in the final stage of vocational education of young people to prepare them cheaper and better for work, and this solution works well. In our Polish reality, similar solutions are also starting to become more and more common.

Studenci na UniwersytecieFor several years, Geis PL has been consistently implementing the cooperation strategy on the Education-Business line. We can boast of a wide range of activities carried out in cooperation with many universities throughout the country. The University of Logistics in Poznań, the University of Łódź in Łódź, the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław or the Warsaw University of Life Sciences are just examples of universities with which we have been cooperating for several years. Lectures and workshops conducted by our employees at these universities introduce students to the fascinating world of logistics and confirm the need to combine theory with practice in the curricula. A great example of skillfully combining these two perspectives are also dual studies, which were implemented by the University of Logistics in Poznań in cooperation with our company. Such a formula allowed for the simultaneous acquisition of knowledge by students during theoretical classes at the university with the simultaneous internship in our company, which gave tangible benefits to all stakeholders in this process. Invariably, for many years, we have been opening the doors of our company to young people and organizing internships and apprenticeships for them, thus becoming a forge of logistics staff.

It is worth mentioning that the company was awarded with this change of the medal for the activities and activities as well as for the activities and activities for the development of the University of Logistics.

We also do not forget about the younger generation of logisticians! For a year now, we have been sponsoring a class training in the profession of "logistics technician" at the Zgierz Complex of Secondary Schools. Jana Pawła II in Zgierz, last week we took the patronage of the "Technician Freight Forwarder" and "Magazyn-Logistyka" classes at the School Complex in Bielsko-Biała. Patronage is not only an honorary honor, but also an obligation to closely cooperate and participate in the education and upbringing of logistics revenue staff.

Many years of activity in the field of expansion with universities and only schools are looking for resources through us. This should also be confirmed by our employees, operators who are guided by the choice of internships and apprenticeships, today carry out operational tasks.

Being aware that the trends discussed today may become reality tomorrow, we will continue to anticipate the situation by expanding and developing cooperation with universities and schools, initiating new activities in this field and opening the doors of our company to young people even wider.


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