Packaging materials

We will pack your goods. We will create a packaging concept
for your products or we will deliver packaging materials
in such quality, quantity and time limit that best suits your needs.

We provide advice about packaging materials, packaging technology and their optimal application in distribution and retail packaging. Contact our specialised department.

How can we help you?

  • We can propose an effective packaging method for your goods and focus on optimising material and production costs.
  • We supply you with all the packaging material.
  • Do you not have enough storage room? We can maintain a consignment warehouse. Always have the required material to hand.
  • Do you need material directly for production? We will supply it precisely according to your just-in-time instructions.
  • A standard service for our continuous delivery quality control.

What we supply

  • Wooden packaging materials
  • EUR-pallets
  • One-way pallets and atypical pallets
  • Wooden inserts and dimension stock
  • Crates, OSB and plywood packaging, etc.

Cardboard packaging

  • Cardboard (with and without print) and transport boxes
  • Double wall cardboard in a roll and cardboard dimensions
  • Paper edge boards, stiffener boards, stacking supports etc.

Supporting packaging material

  • Automatic and manual stretch film wrap and bubble wrap
  • Binding tapes
  • Printed and plain adhesive tapes
  • Paper fill, etc.

Information service

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