Geis PL newly in the largest investment in Lower Silesia - Wroclaw CAMPUS 39

At the beginning of March, Geis Wrocław branch has moved from its warehouse in Długołęka to a new logistics park - Panattoni Wrocław CAMPUS 39.

The Panattoni investment, located south-west of Wroclaw city centre, consists of five buildings adapted both to storage, office work and light production. It is the largest and most modern project by the industrial and warehouse space developer, amounting to 200,000 sqm. For Geis, on the other hand, it is an undeniable growth opportunity in the south-west of the country. Wroclaw is a comprehensive branch of the nationwide pallet distribution system, as well as one of Geis PL's key international gateways, so the opportunity to significantly increase capacity at this location will allow stronger growth in international pallet transportation.


Wrocław Campus 39, is a great choice for e-commerce and logistics companies. One of the key advantages of the facility is its location: proximity to the A4 (E40) motorway, which allows convenient access both regionally to Upper Silesia and Krakow, and internationally to Berlin or Ukraine, as well as the S8 expressway, allowing fast connections to Warsaw and Lodz, or the Czech Prague. Another great advantage of the location is the short distance (15 km) from the international airport.


"The move to the new branch, Wroclaw Campus 39, is a glimpse into the future. With current volume growth of over 30%, it means streamlining warehouse operations and the possibility to significantly optimise processes affecting all parameters from quality to cost." - says Paweł Golec, Chief Operating Officer Geis PL. The warehouse space of Campus 39 totals over 180,000 sqm, while the office space is approximately 14,000 sqm. For its needs, Geis will use almost 6,300 sq m of space with the possibility of expanding with additional space. Geis Group will have at its disposal 43 unloading docks and 1 gate from the zero level. In the new facility only modern forklifts with lithium-ion drive will be used. Thanks to this technology, the main warehouse processes will be carried out efficiently and without interruption. In addition, the warehouse will be equipped with a modern camera system, which will be located both in the hall and at each gate to control safe unloading, loading and reloading. Moreover, both the speed of transport from the sender to the recipient will be significantly increased and the quality of delivery will be strengthened.


A very important fact for Geis was that the entire investment passed the BREEAM environmental certification at the "Excellent" level. "When choosing the location, we also paid attention to the fact that the developer will provide a number of solutions both in terms of ecology and wellbeing, which was not the case in our previous facility. The offices and the warehouse meet very high standards, which do not differ from and even surpass those of the competition. This will certainly translate not only into employee satisfaction and involvement, but above all into the parameters for which we, as a department, are responsible," adds Paweł Golec.


The campus also uses systems which reduce water, energy and heat consumption, as well as significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Green relaxation zones, cycling infrastructure and access to electric car charging stations have been made available to employees of the complex.


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