Contract Logistics

We will manage the storage and customization of your goods,
and we will prepare a comprehensive, tailor-made logistics project for you.

Our logistics department has extensive experience in customer service - from simple to complex warehouse logistics projects. We have our own and leased warehouse facility with a total size of nearly 500 000m².

Your logistics project or warehouse can be managed within our ‘multi-product’ solutions or it can be a dedicated center in a location suitable to your needs.

What basic warehousing services do we offer?

  • Storage and transshipment
  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)
  • Kitting and assembly services
  • Value added services - packaging, product labeling, promotional packaging, multi packs
  • Packaging management, including production and delivery of wooden packaging, pallets, cardboard packaging and additional packaging materials
  • Distribution logistics
  • In-house logistics
  • Cross-docking
  • Logistics outsourcing – complete takeover and solutions for highly specialized logistics projects
  • Consultancy services and individual logistics solutions

Providing high quality services is our priority because:

  • Each project is unique.
  • Our warehouse management system (WMS) designed by our own IT specialists enables us to configure a tailored solution to any specific project.
  • We use inventory management techniques such as FIFO, LIFO or FEFO.
  • We put emphasis on quality and flexibility.
  • Your orders are processed by our qualified and experienced staff.
  • The implementation of a gradual improvement model TOP guarantees quality increase in each individual project.
  • We regularly specify and assess our set targets of service quality by using Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • Your merchandise is covered by an all risk insurance with a renowned insurance provider.

Together we will find the best solution for your project and we will implement it:

  • We will analyze the existing logistics concepts and we will evaluate all available information.
  • We will suggest and together we will decide on the optimum logistics solution.
  • We will create a project and provide project management in the implementation stage.
  • We will determine appropriate logistics processes.
  • During the course of the whole project we will focus on increasing quality and efficiency using our team optimization process TOP.

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