Press Release- New branch in Pruszcz Gdański

The Geis Group is intensively developing its activities in the field of comprehensive logistics services on the Polish market.

Gdańsk_3Currently, all orders are processed by almost 500 specialists in 21 branches and specialized logistics departments, located in strategic points on the map of Poland. The systematic expansion of the customer portfolio prompted the company to look for a larger location with modern warehouse facilities in the north and to open a new facility in the south-west part of the country. Thanks to this, both the speed of transport from the sender to the recipient will be much faster and the quality of delivery will be strengthened.

The result is, among others, relocation of operating activities to the newly built logistics park in Pruszcz Gdański. Geis PL decided to move for several reasons. First of all, the new facility is more attractive from an operational point of view. Additionally, the location of the warehouse in the immediate vicinity of the A1 motorway, which connects the center of Poland with the coast, it saves valuable time both in the morning and evening processes.

"The new branch in Pruszcz Gdański meets our requirements in terms of warehouse space standards. Appropriate infrastructure and its optimal use in everyday activities will enable us to reach our customers faster and more effectively, providing them with the highest level of services. conditions for further market expansion." says Paweł Golec, Operations Director of Geis PL.

As part of the signed agreement, Geis will use 2,782 m² of warehouse space with the possibility of enlarging with additional space. The Geis Group will have 17 unloading docks and 1 gate from the ground level at its disposal. Only modern lithium-ion forklifts will be used in the new facility. Thanks to this technology, the main warehouse processes will be carried out efficiently and without disruptions.

On the other hand, in the south-western part of Poland, the Geis Group, after long analyses, opted for Legnica. In this city company finally opened a new point, the task of which is, among others relieving one of the key locations, i.e. the Wrocław branch.

From a geographical point of view, Legnica is a very good choice. By opening a branch in this city, we can effectively relieve our other warehouses in the region, such as Wrocław and Zielona Góra. We will undoubtedly be more competitive in the south-west of Poland, in the vicinity of Wałbrzych and Jelenia Góra, as well as closer to our western border." - says Paweł Golec, Operations Director of Geis PL.

The rental facility measures 1,450 m² and is equipped with unloading docks on two opposite walls of the warehouse. The branch was launched in August 2021.


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