Under one roof since March


Big changes have occurred in Geis Group over the past year. Now the process has come to an end, and since February all Geis companies have been operating under the same brand.

In its extended and strengthened form, Geis Group in Poland is now fully prepared to offer comprehensive transport and logistics services from a single source. The unification of the brand can be called, with some exaggeration, the “icing on the cake". Its true meaning stems from the preceding improvement of quality standards and even greater customer care.

Geis Group entered the Polish market in 2006, offering sea and air transport. But real development did not occur until 2015.  The group expanded to include the company ET Logistik - a transport and logistics company, and K-EX, offering courier services. K-EX at that time was a leading courier company. Both companies, however, lacked modern technology, operating systems, and above all, extensive distribution network.  
In the first stage it was necessary to introduce modern operating systems and standardize the IT platform. So the new technologies gave rise to big changes.  

The distribution network has changed beyond recognition. Now it consists of 44 branches and three customs agencies. A central sorting facility and a central hub for general cargo were set up in Strykow, the ‘heart’ of Poland, with an area of ​almost 12 000 m2, 120 gates and a capacity of 16 000 packages per hour.

The unification of the trade mark is not only a cosmetic change. For our customers and for ourselves it is a sign that we operate according to the standards adopted in Germany, in the Czech Republic and the other countries where Geis Group is present. It is also our commitment to the future.


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